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Emac & Lawton

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Emac and Lawton are one of Australia's leaders in indoor lighting, lamp shades and home accessories.
They specialise in indoor lighting and strive to bring our customers impressive, handcrafted items that will light up their homes and professional establishments in style. Through the years, their products have been used with spectacular success in both residential and commercial projects including distinguished homes, luxury resorts, boutique hotels and many other prestigious buildings.
Their collection includes more than 400 handpicked designs that encompass table, floor and overhead lamps, wall sconces and decorative accessories such as lamp shades and more. Many of their items are authentic reproductions that are handcrafted with meticulous attention to fine detail and then gracefully softened and aged to achieve individual character and undeniable charm.
As a company, Emac & Lawton are renowned as market innovators who are constantly introducing new trends and products, with a definite aim to provide a standard of excellence in customer service, top quality products and value.