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Floor Lamps 101

You can’t beat a classic floor lamp.

They are versatile, functional, and when selected correctly, they add a beautiful look to your rooms’ aesthetic. If you’re looking to add some character to your room, a floor lamp is a great way to achieve that; it can be a design feature, even when it’s turned off!

So, how do you choose the right floor lamp for your space? We’ve spoken to our lighting experts, and they’ve shared some pro tips on finding the perfect floor lamp for your home!

1. Firstly, you should pick your floor lamp based on the lighting your space needs. Determine whether it’s an ambient, accent, or task light. Below are some of our favourite picks across all three categories.

Eco-Living Tips!

As we celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th, we thought we would share some sustainable ways to practice eco-living!

We understand that everyone can’t afford solar panels or Energy Star appliances, but that shouldn’t stop us from making small eco-friendly changes in our home. It’s good for the planet, good for your home, and good for your budget!

Energy conservation is one of the most important things that we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. At a minimum, we all should be turning our appliances and powerboards off when we are not using them. This can apply to your lighting system as well. We have a few different options for you that can help you!

Easy Ways To Instantly Improve Your Home's Lighting!

Wanting to change up your space but don't have the time nor budget for a complete renovation? Why not try updating your lighting plan. If you don't have one, now's the perfect time to start one!

We've spoken to our lighting specialists and have put together an illuminating guide to the best lighting ideas for your home. Lighting is an essential component to a successful design, so whether you're into dramatic chandeliers and bold pendants, or modern task lights and sleek floor lamps, we have something for everyone!

The Perfect Lighting To Create The Autumn Mood

We can’t believe it’s already April! We’re well into the autumn season, winter is on the horizon, and we welcome the autumn tones, colours, and moods. I’m sure that many of you have noticed the impact of daylight savings and the fact that artificial lighting takes the lead role in keeping our homes well lit. 

As much as we miss that extra hour of natural light, we are happy to be embracing mood lighting. Choosing the correct lighting for your space can help chase away the blues and assist in getting the kids settled down before bed, help you relax after a long day, and keep the general vibe of your home positive! It’s easy to tailor the light in your home to be a source of positive energy and assist your biological and emotional health.

We spoke to our specialists about their mood lighting recommendations, and they’ve shared their tips on how to embrace the autumn vibe through your lighting.

How to increase the value of your home through a lighting plan

As we transition into another season and welcome March, we prepare for mood lighting, cozy corners, and shorter days. Lucky for us, fall in Australia feels like an extension of summer.

If you’re looking to invest in your home and make some cosmetic changes, remember to make a plan for your home lighting installation!  Lighting in the home is important because, in addition to adding value, it adds an element or look and feel that makes people feel welcomed. It appeals to the visual sense but also impacts your day-to-day functionality and productivity.

That feeling of home we all have is something that we want our families and friends to feel as soon as they walk in. This also applies to potential home buyers if you happen to be selling! You’d be surprised how a few tweaks here and there can completely transform your space and impact someone’s first impression.

We think that bad lighting is a missed opportunity, so when putting together your plan it’s important that you focus on eliminating harsh/dull lighting, and select illumination sources that elevate your space whilst serving their purpose. This will vary from room to room, as each space has a different purpose. 

We are covering 5 simple ways to increase the value of your home- whether that’s to prepare for selling, or simply giving your current space the TLC that it deserves.

Lighting Hacks For Every Room In Your House

I’m sure you’ve heard it from us before, and you’ll probably hear it from us again! Lighting plays a crucial role in your home design and has a huge impact on the functionality and overall mood of your room. One simple source of illumination can transform a dark and unwelcoming room into a cozy, appealing space where you can maximise usage and enjoyment.

We’ve spoken to our top lighting specialist about some simple light hacks you can implement to make the most of your space and have shared these tips below. These are the bare essentials that are affordable, achievable, and can make a big difference for you!

Let’s start with the basics.

Treat yourself to a good table lamp. One that compliments your decor, but also can act as ambient lighting. If you need it for more of a task light, then we suggest going for a plain white lampshade. They allow more light to shine through, but they do tend to create a colder tone. So if you are looking for something warm we recommend a tinted shade or maybe even something with a pattern, or a pop of colour!

New Year, New Lighting Plan

It’s that time of year again- fresh beginnings, new goals, new you! 

Everyone tends to start the year with setting new year’s resolutions for themselves. Whether that be spending more time with family and friends, new career aspirations, or getting started on a new hobby. 

But what goals do we set for our home? 

In the spirit of new beginnings, we’ve put together some lighting solutions that will help elevate your home, making it feel more fresh, beautiful, and radiate positivity! After all, there’s no time like the present to create your dream space.

One of the best (and least expensive ways) to change up a space is to clear out the clutter and address your lighting plan. Lighting is often overlooked, and you’ll find that with a few tweaks here and there, you can completely change the look and feel of a room. We suggest before diving into it, you assess one room at a time so you can decide which one you’d like to tackle first- you don’t want to overwhelm yourself before you’ve even begun! 

Once you’ve selected your starting room, it’s time to consider the activities that take place in that room. You want to ensure that the light options are complimenting your space, and that you're choosing them with purpose- even if that’s just decorative lighting! This can be a little more difficult when your spaces have multipurposes- that’s when layered lighting comes into play! When you layer your lighting scheme, you can create different moods and have different illumination sources for different tasks  whilst still having a beautiful ambiance. That could mean a subtle mood light for some relaxing after a long day, a task light for when you want to curl up and read in your favourite lounge chair or get some work done, or a spotlight to showcase your artwork hanging on the walls.  

Here’s the variety that we’re referring to:

Light Up Someone’s Life for Christmas!

The tinsel is hung, the Christmas lights are up, and the entertainers are in full swing!  December always seems to go by so fast and then before you know it, it’s New Years! 

So...if you’re behind on your Christmas shopping or lacking inspiration on what to buy, don’t worry, we have some excellent ideas for you! Why not light up someone’s face with the gift of light, and treat them to something that will last them year after year?! Lighting is something that every household needs. It’s universally accepted, and can transform the feel of an entire room! 

It can be very rewarding to give a present that compliments one’s space and is used regularly. Sometimes the simplest things have long lasting impressions!  Now more than ever, seeing as the majority of us are spending time at home and creating home office spaces!

We’ve put together some gift recommendations for friends, family, and even colleagues to help enlighten their homes. So why not treat dad to that smart light system he’s always wanted, or buy mom a quirky statement piece that she can put in her living room?! Maybe you have friends that have just moved into a new home or are in the middle of redecorating- why not give them a beautiful floor lamp for their lounge room or something for their new home office?

Here’s our shortlist categorized for you:

Outdoor Lights for Summer Nights

As we get excited about summer and all the garden cocktail parties, long lunches, and evening BBQ’s that come with it, we can’t help but think that it’s the perfect time to get your entertainment space in order!

A lot of us are getting busy refreshing our outdoor spaces, tidying up the garden, and brightening up our interiors.
We have a hunch that we all might be spending a little more time with friends and family at home, so why not make the most of it.

The best thing about summer is outdoor living! If you’re lucky to have an outdoor area, then no doubt you’ll be embracing it!

Even though a lot of us are working past sunset, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy dinner or drinks outside.
By adding some lights to your outdoor space, you can make the most of the warm evenings after work!

Whether it’s your front porch, your backyard, or balcony- your lighting plan will play a huge part in your interior design and overall mood. A thoughtful lighting plan can improve the overall appeal of a space and create an instant change! We’ve spoken to our experts about this summer’s must-have summer lights to embrace to longer days and later nights.

Spring Makeover

Longer Nights, Summer Lights!

It’s that time of year again! Spring has arrived and we are here for it!

We’re getting busy with some home makeovers, and refreshing homes with mood lighting, and seasonal interiors as we prepare for summer!

As the days get longer and the nights get warmer, it’s the perfect time to get organised, and make some tweaks to your home. Summer, we are ready for you!

We thought we’d share some of our favorite indoor AND outdoor products to perfect for your spring styling, and help you add a fresh look to your home and compliment the natural light. Here are our expert tips and tricks on how to get your home ready!