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Track lighting is highly recommended for large spaces where extra lighting is required. It involves installing a series of lights and tracks onto a ceiling using a metal or plexiglass structure that has adjustable spotlights attached. Different types of indoor track lights can be mounted onto tracks at the same time and be aimed in the direction and position that you want.

Browse high-quality indoor track lights at the best prices at Online Lighting. Find single circuit trackstrack heads and complete track packs from Australian and international leading suppliers. You’ll also receive flat rate shipping on all orders Australia wide. Unsure what type of lights and tracks you want? No problem! Get assistance from our lighting specialists by calling 1300 791 345 between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday or 9am-4pm on Saturdays. 

Every indoor track light set we have in stock is customisable and provides a high level of flexibility when it comes to fulfilling a wide range of interior lighting applications. Track lighting is highly recommended for providing atmospheric lighting, decorative lighting and task lighting. Depending on how an indoor track light is positioned and where it’s located within a household, it can create the particular lighting effect you desire. If you want ambient lighting, the indoor track light head should be rotated. Alternatively, aiming the track light head at an object can produce accent lighting, while placing the head over a workspace will provide ample task lighting.

Using the LED lights and tracks that Online Lighting offers can also help you to save money on your power bills, as the LED lights they use are very energy efficient and consume approximately 80% less energy compared to conventional light bulbs. Our LED tracks are designed to be aimed towards areas where lighting is required without having to scatter the light in other directions needlessly. They’re designed to improve the quality of light while also saving energy.

Single Circuit Tracks

Online Lighting’s single circuit lighting tracks provide a vibrant level of lighting and come with spotlights placed on an adjustable railing system that can be individually adjusted and aimed in any direction you want. Single circuit tracks can simultaneously highlight various objects located in the room that you want to show off. 

Track Heads

Online Lighting stocks a selection of high-quality track heads that can be quickly and easily placed in any position along the track by clicking and locking them into place. They can also be cut down into smaller lengths so they provide the amount of lighting you want.

Complete Track Packs

If you require a complete track pack, get in touch with Online Lighting. We can provide you with a track light pack that includes a surface mounted track, track heads that can be fixed anywhere along the track, and various accessories.

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