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Single Ended Metal Halide 20W 2800K - 26480

RRP: AU$155.01  
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- Tubular outer envelope with UV block
- High pressure (complies with safety requirements of IEC 62035)
- Excellent colour rendering and colour stability
- High lamp efficacy
- Average lamp life 6000 hours
- Burning position: Universal

- For commercial and industrial applications where an intense and efficient light source with excellent colour rendition capabilities is required
- Commonly used in commercial interiors for accent and general lighting and for exterior accent lighting
- Also used in television studio lighting
- Suitable for use indoors and in enclosed exterior fittings

Usage Notes
- These lamps require chokes with thermal cutout and an external ignitor

Diameter: 15mm
Length: 80mm
About Crompton Lighting

Crompton Lighting was founded in Great Britain in 1878 by Colonel Crompton, the inventor of an ARC lamp containing a shadow reducing filament. The company quickly established a reputation for excellence by supplying electric lamps and fittings to Queen Victoria’s palaces. Following upon their successes in Great Britain, Crompton entered the Australian marketplace in 1887.
Today Crompton Lighting is 100% Australian owned as a member of the Gerard Lighting Group and we are one of the larger lighting suppliers in the country.

Crompton Lighting’s head office is located in Sydney and incorporates sales, marketing and administration departments. We also have branches in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth to provide a comprehensive service to our customers. In addition we also have a sales office in Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory.
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