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Villa modern styled exterior coach wall light.
The perfect lighting solution for any requirement.

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The story of Il Fanale Group dates back to 1979 when Fausto Dalla Torre and Luisa Martin, decided to embark on an extraordinary journey of passion and hard work. Starting from their decennial experience in working with traditional metals, they found the company with the intention and the will to produce unique and original lamps of the highest quality.
Dedication, determination and commitment are the qualities that make Il Fanale what it is today: a successful handicraft company working in the lighting industry, known in Italy and abroad.
A story of light and passion.
At the base of what is now a company that represents the craftsmanship and Made in Italy in the world is the family: people, partners and employees with the same ideals driven by passion for work, dedication and an open dialogue with the company and with those who work there. The success of Il Fanale Group is due to the amount of resources that are part of the company.
Behind the product there are people. Those who work today in the company know that they are a part of a story that is being written every day, born thirty-five years ago and that represents the tradition and Italian craftsmanship in the world. Today the company is led by Fausto Dalla Torre and Luisa Martin, accompanied by their children Marzia and Tomas.