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Lights for the Entertainers

We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home. Perhaps you’ve been entertaining a close circle of friends, or have been hosting regular intimate family dinners. We don’t mean to sound extra, but good lighting is
everything. It can completely transform the mood and affect the ambiance of a space. Nothing ruins a party
mood more than harsh dentist office lighting. We’ve put together some ways to create the perfect mood for
entertaining. You’d be surprised how much a few tweaks here and there can make a difference.

There’s not one single light fixture that will give you everything you need in a space. You’re not going to rely on one light source to light up a whole room, right? That’s why the power of layered lighting is so important! You want to find a balance of ambient lighting while showcasing specific areas in your home, and include functional lighting at the same time! So where does that mean? It means welcome variety! The perfect trio includes ambient lights, task lights, AND accent lighting! Here are some of our tips for you.

1. Dimmers:
The most obvious one! By using a dimmer switch on your lamps and lights you can control the level of
illumination aka you can control the vibe. You may need to switch it up throughout the evening as the natural
light disappears and the evening progresses. By having the option, you can simply dim or increase the lights
in your house depending on what time of day or night it is. 

2. Candles:
Need we say more? Nothing says MOOD more than candles..and we have a variety of flameless candles that
you can use over and over again that are economical and safe. There’s not a single room in your house that
candles won’t’s always a safe bet. 

3. Know your glow:
When it comes to lighting your home, it’s not just about the style or design of your illumination source… it’s
equally important to consider the bulbs you are using. LED bulbs come in a range of cool and warm hues, so
you can complement the wall color nearby. If you have cooler colors in your home, buy a warm bulb for contrast, vise versa. 

4. Light it up:
Don’t hide those dark corners or stairwells in your home. Light up your hallways, staircase, and cozy nooks.
This is a practical function, but can also showcase your beautiful interior design and provide an element of
safety! We have plenty of stair lights available depending on what kind of staircase you have. 

5. Wham, Bam, GLAM!
Have you always lusted for a glamourous chandelier or big, bold, and beautiful light installation? We think
you should go for it! Chandeliers are always a timeless talking piece and can look great in any room! Here
are some of our favorite bold pieces that always set a mood in a space. 

6. Show off your home!
This is where task lights come into play. Pendants & spotlighting can help you showcase or feature favorite
parts of your home. That may be a piece of furniture, a designed seating area, or some artwork you’ve hung
on your walls. We have options that are not only functional but will add a beautiful element of design as well.
Whether you’re after a hidden fixture of illumination or a feature piece- we have plenty of options available!

We pride ourselves on being visually interesting and functional at the same time. If you need a hand
discussing a bespoke lighting plan, speak to one of our professionals today! With their years of experience,
we guarantee that we can provide a solution to your problem. 

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