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Ceiling Fans

What is a DC Ceiling Fan and what is an AC Ceiling Fan?
The current we receive from our mains supply into our homes is Alternating Current (AC). Electric motors for ceiling fans traditionally are driven by AC current through a magnetic force to rotate the motor. AC Ceiling fans are still commonly in use and are still a very reliable and well-priced solution when choosing a ceiling fan. There are far more designs and options with AC Ceiling fans, as they have been available for quite a while. DC motors used in ceiling fans utilise brushless technology. This electric motor converts the AC current input to a Direct Current (DC) output through the use of a transformer and energises an internal array of magnets of opposing polarity. The resulting magnetic force creates the torque required to rotate the motor. This process requires less energy than conventional AC motors to operate offering considerable energy savings and running costs of up to 70%.

Why choose a DC Ceiling Fan?
• Energy Saving - Consumes up to 70% less energy.
• Whisper Quiet Operation - Runs much quieter than standard AC Ceiling fans.
• Greater Control - DC motors are typically smaller allowing for greater flexibility in product design.
• Cooler Operation - The DC fan operates cooler internally during maximum workloads, reducing less stress on internal components, ensuring a longer operating lifetime.
• Greater Speed Flexibility - More speed options allow for greater control, thus saving power.
• Higher Torque - They stop, start and accelerate more quickly.
• Light weight - Utilising different components and new designs being offered in lightweight ABS, the DC Ceiling fans are much lighter than conventional AC models.
• DC Ceiling fans are much lighter than conventional DC models.

Why choose an AC Ceiling Fan?
• Affordable - Currently a more affordable option as DC Ceiling fans are more expensive due to the componentry and automated processes.
• More Design Options - AC Ceiling fans have been around for a long time, so far more designs and styles available to suit your fan requirements.
• Wall Controllable - DC Ceiling fans are generally only operational with a Remote Control, whereas AC Ceiling fans can be controlled by a hard wired Wall Switch Control.
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