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Top 5 Secrets To A Modern Bathroom

Ever looked at a beautiful contemporary bathroom and dreamt of modernising yours into a fresh, clean, bright, gorgeous and luxurious one?

However, bathroom lighting often goes neglected because it is considered a tough task, but we’re here to break it down for you. Most homeowners especially first-timers have problems choosing the right lighting fixtures — the size, where they’re placed, what bulbs are used and more.

Well, worry not because we’ll let you in on our top secrets on how to use lighting to create the most stylish bathroom ever. By doing so, you will have a whole new bathroom that is both beautiful and functional. 


Providing extra glamour and the right amount of overhead light when placed in the correct location, modern pendant lighting takes your bathroom improvement project to the next level. These lights work well along the wash area or on either side of the mirror.

Consider installing medium or small pendant lights to make it suitable for the area while also creating the perfect layers of light. You can never go wrong with a trendy glass, white or metallic accents.

  1. Wall Lights

If you desire enhancing your typical bathroom tasks such as applying make-up, washing your face or brushing your teeth while also looking stylish —  it’s possible! Simple yet elegant wall lights are the answer.

Try putting a wall lighting on either side of the bathroom mirror, or both sides for better illuminance and symmetry. This ensures an even, flattering beam with no frustrating shadows that best fits the space. 

  1. Chandelier

Do you want to take your bathroom to the next level of luxury and elegance? If so, you will love adding a gorgeous bathroom chandelier to your room! The extravagant lighting will completely transform your simple washroom into a lavish spa-like retreat.

Take a look at these modern bathroom chandeliers to inspire your next home makeover! Just imagine drawing yourself a bath beneath an ever-stylish crystal or beaded light fixture after a long, tiring day.

  1. Strip Lighting

Another bathroom lighting trend this year are strip lights! Highly recommended as a decorative accent, backlighting and task lighting; strip lights can set the mood for a brighter room and a brighter day.  

Best to use for accentuating the beauty of your bathroom cabinets, mirrors and drawers, choose between cool tones and warm tones depending on your preferred colour scheme and aesthetics.


  1. Downlights

Whether you wish to add dramatic visual interest to your decor and architecture or generally brighten up your bathroom, downlights are perfect as additional lighting. Instead of having only one central ceiling light, install highly functional downlights to highlight the best features of your bathroom.

Below are the best downlights for your bathroom that you can position anywhere  — in the ceiling, below cabinets or close to the edges of the bathroom to create an attractive scalloped wash down the wall. These provide excellent general lighting, but with a softer glow perfect for any kind of contemporary ambience.

Ready to begin your bathroom renovation project? Online Lighting Specialists can help you with any bathroom lighting queries you may have. Browse through our wide range of lighting pieces here today!