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Top 5 Lighting Tips for Your Home Renovation

Top 5 Lighting Tips for Your Home Renovation

Good lighting makes a plain home spectacular, don’t you agree? If you’re thinking about giving your home a makeover, make sure you take new lighting for consideration.

Here are some things you should remember before beginning your home renovation.

  1. Set the mood
    Lighting can make or break any room. Before you go crazy buying new lamps and lighting pieces, think about the mood you want for your room. Generally speaking, you should use brighter lights in places such as your living room, kitchen and bathroom while sticking to less bright ones in places of relaxation like the dining room and bedrooms. 

  1. Layer Lighting
    A BIG mistake people often make when lighting a room is opting for just one source of light. To compensate for lighting up an entire room, this makes the light come off as harsh and uninviting. In order to create a warm and homey atmosphere, it’s best to have several sources and types of light. Typically, you want at least three types of light per room – ambient light for overall lighting, indirect light and task light. 

  1. Bring in Some Dimmers

Often overlooked, dimmers are an important part of any lighting plan. They’re an easy way to change up the ambience in your room by easily adjusting it during the day or at night, for an event or just according to your mood in general. 


  1. Consider Aesthetics

The great thing about lighting these days is that there are literally thousands of options to choose from! Keep your home looking magazine-ready by opting for sleek and stylish pieces. Your home renovation would be a total waste if you reach for dated and lackluster pieces.

Make sure your lighting complements your style and the general look of your room. If you need help figuring out which pieces go well together, you can check out our blog for exclusive tips!

  1. Think Green

The best switch you can make in terms of lighting for your home is opting for LED bulbs. In the past, LED lights would get a bad reputation for it’s stark bright white lights, giving the room a cold and hospital-like feel. These days, however, LED lights have come a long, long way. LED lights generate no heat, are low maintenance and now come in a wide variety of colours, making it a great addition in any home.

Before you begin your home renovation, keep in mind these tips so your house gets the glow-up you deserve!