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Our core values are shaped by over a century of company history, during which we have played a key role in driving forward lighting technology. In the past, we have developed new products and established applications - such as automotive lighting or projection - based for example on filament, halogen, or high-pressure discharge technologies. The global lighting market’s transition toward semiconductor-based products is continuing Trends in the Lighting Market. In the future, technology - and innovation-led applications will be based on semiconductor technologies.
The technology shift has been increasingly impacting and disrupting the lighting value chain. This trend will split the lighting industry markets going forward: on the one hand into volume-driven markets, where consistently high quality and cost efficiency are the crucial competitive factors, and on the other hand into technology markets for professional applications that are characterized by innovation, customer-specific solutions and sustainable growth.
We have decided to shift our strategic focus and move from being an integrated light manufacturer to a dedicated lighting technology provider. In line with this, we plan both to expand our expertise in chip production and to further enhance conversion of our innovative strength in the area of new applications in the visible and invisible light spectrum - such as laser lights in automotive lighting or light-based sensors in security technology - into business success in the future.