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Lighting Inspirations

AU$106.15 AU$82.00
AU$394.15 AU$307.00
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AU$192.55 AU$149.00
AU$322.15 AU$251.00
AU$821.65 AU$640.00
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AU$1,217.65 AU$949.00
AU$548.05 AU$493.20
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AU$295.15 AU$230.00
AU$212.35 AU$165.00
AU$146.65 AU$114.00
AU$170.05 AU$132.00
AU$491.35 AU$383.00
AU$322.15 AU$251.00
AU$1,694.65 AU$1,321.00
AU$157.45 AU$122.00
AU$368.05 AU$287.00
AU$115.15 AU$89.00
AU$517.45 AU$403.00
AU$258.25 AU$201.00
Lighting Inspirations, D’Epoca Lighting and Reproducing Lighting History are part of the Lode International group of companies. Lode International is an Australian owned and run company which has been trading since 1965. They have a long history of supplying fashionable and quality lighting products. Lode International products decorate some of the most exclusive homes, hotels, restaurants, bars, commercial complexes and national trust buildings.