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How to Plan Your Outdoor Lighting

With winter coming to an end, it’s about time you’ve prepared for the warmer months! Spring and summer will definitely mean spending more time outdoors so it’s best to prep your backyard lighting for it as soon as possible!

Before you begin stringing up lights, chucking in posts in the ground and hanging up wall lights, it’s best to know the right combination of lights and the strategic ways to set it up in order to create the perfect mood.

1. Define a Purpose
Before you begin with your project, ask yourself “what will I use the lighting for?” Are you doing it to create ambience? For security purposes? For safety reasons? To highlight certain features? All these will come into play once you begin picking out lights for your backyard or garden. 


  1. Decide Where the Lighting Should Go
    Once you’ve established your purposes, match it to the areas you want illuminated. Some key areas include: pathways, ponds, benches, dark corners, seating areas, etc. 

  1. Include Three Types of Lighting

Once you’ve figured out the places which need lighting, it’s time to layer lights! Much like layering colours in a painting, layering lights is essential in create the right mood and atmosphere in your garden. The three types of lighting to include are:

  • Overall: Lighting used to illuminate the whole space
  • Task: Lighting used for a specific purpose, such as illuminating a dark corner
  • Accent: Used to draw attention to a certain location or object (usually spotlights or floodlights) 

  1. Minimise Light Pollution
    While illuminating your space may be the goal, it’s important to not overdo it. Harsh lighting can create an unwelcoming appearance and not to mention a literally painful experience for your guests. This is why layering lighting is so important. You don’t want a single source of light flooding your entire space. Rather, you want soft patches of light to come together to create a brighter environment. 

  1. Get an Inside Perspective

View your garden or backyard from the inside of your home and see which parts you want to highlight or illuminate. A well-lit garden has a way of expanding the space of your home – bringing the outdoors in. 

  1. Use LEDS

They use far less energy than halogen or incandescent light bulbs and are relatively low-maintenance – no frequent changing of bulbs here! These days, they come in different colours and wattages so you can create the perfect mood for your garden. 

  1. Think About Security

Outdoor lighting is more than just aesthetics. It’s about practicality as well. Ensure all entry and exit points of your home are well-illuminated such as outside the garage, the sides of your home and any dark corners in your garden. 

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