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Fire Rated E27 Downlight 60 Minutes - SD125L-FIRE60

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- Energy saving E27 dimmable lamp gives the benefits of newest LED technology with easy maintenance for a long lasting lighting solution
- Thermal cut-off and auto reset function for protection against misuse and overloading
- Lamp not exposed in ceiling cavity
- 3 mounting clips to ensure optimum snug fit to ceiling

Test Specifications
- Tested by BRANZ in accordance with AS1530.4.1997, test report No. FP2971 and FAR1792.
- Suitable for floor-ceiling systems Gib_ specification No’s GBFC15, GBUC15, GBFC30, GBTP30, GBSC30, GBUC30a, GBUC30b, GBSC60, GBFC60, GBTP60 and GBUC60.

60/60/60 Minutes Approval
- a) 60 Minutes Stability: To prevent collapse of structural (primary) elements during fire.
- b) 60 Minutes Integrity: To prevent passage of flame or hot gases through fire separations.
- c) 60 Minutes Insulation: To prevent the transmission of heat to other firecells or adjacent property.

(RW)STC Sound Transmission Class
- Acoustic ratings STC 55, 57 and 58
- For acoustic STC 55 ceilings, space 1.6m minimum
- For acoustic STC 57 and 58 ceilings, space 2.5m minimum

Installation Notes
- For use in 60 minutes floor ceiling systems (also usable for 15 minutes and 30 minutes)
- Only install one fitting in each unsupported section of ceiling lining between timber framing
- Cut 125mm hole not closer than 50mm to timber
- Apply bead of SD-MASTIC to flange so as to fill hole gap

Product Certification Warning
- BRANZ Fire Tests FP2208, FP2918, FP2998 and FP2971 were conducted exclusively with Superlux manufactured product.

- Input Voltage: 240V
- Lamp Type: E27
- Energy efficient: Energy saving LED ready
- Class: CA90
- Air / Moisture Transfer: Closed
- Insulation: Side Abutted

- Diameter: 145mm
- Cutout: 125mm
- Cavity Depth: 180mm
- Side Clearance: 50mm

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