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Euro Spot 12V / 24VMR11 Spike Light Copper - ESS/COP

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The Euro Spot is an extra compact luminaire designed for situations where the fixture needs to be very unobtrusive or concealed.

The fixture is inserted into the ground and can be easily aimed by angling the luminaire in the desired direction.

This luminaire uses a MR11 lamp to achieve the compact dimensions and also has a built in glare guard.

The fixture can be mounted in a variety of outdoor situations and can also be supplied with an integral spike for easy in-ground mounting.

- Input Voltage: 12V / 24V
- Bulb base: GU4
- Bulb type: MR11
- Energy efficient: Energy saving LED Ready
- IP rating: IP66
- Remote driver / transformer is required to operate this unit

- Width: 44mm
- Height: 80mm

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