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Warm-up Your Home For Winter

The best way to warm up your home this season and beat the winter blues!

As the season changes and the shorter days approach us, the inevitable winter blues slowly start to creep up. It can be difficult to muster up the energy to change your interiors, however, if you do, you’ll discover comfort can create a well of energy to beat those broody moods. We often add rugs, throws, candles, and cushions as we transition into the season, why is it we don’t consider our home lighting?

When the daylight isn’t as generous, artificial lighting takes the lead role in keeping our homes warm and cozy! Lighting enhances texture, provides character, sets a mood, and can often be an overlooked feature in a home. You’ll be surprised how much adding a lightbulb, or additional source of illumination can alter a space.

We spoke to our specialists about their warm lighting recommendations and they’ve shared their tips on how to brighten up your space here:

1. Warm White Bulbs
The type of light fixture shouldn’t be the only thing you consider when selecting the lighting for your home. The type of globe you choose is equally important, and over winter we recommend warm white bulbs. Avoid the harsh fluorescent lights, no one wants to feel like they’re in the office, or worst- the doctor's office when cozying up after a long day. Warm bulbs are functional, yet can help us feel relaxed and comfortable.

2. Copper
Adding copper lighting can really cozy up your home whilst giving it a modern look and feel. They bring a warm orange glow adding visual warmth and sophistication to a room.

3. Accent Lighting
Illuminate small areas throughout your home- a piece of art, an item of furniture, a dark corner.  Use accent lighting to brighten up your home, and open up those dark corners that may usually have usually been filled with the summer sunlight. When natural lighting is limited, accent lighting is a must. This can be achieved through Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, and Desk Lamps!
Table Lamps:

Floor Lamps:

Desk Lamps:

4. Light up your entrance
Light up the hallway, or the entrance of your home! Selecting the right lighting is essential for a warm welcome in your hallway. Although it may not be a space you spend much time in, it’s the first impression and mood that welcomes you. By introducing a wall light, you can achieve an inviting glow to welcome you into your home.

5. Garden lights

Illuminate your outdoor areas and create a pathway that is well lit and beautiful. Whether that’s a small patio, backyard, or front porch. Adding festive lights can create ambiance and warmth for you. Whether you utilize it regularly or not, it will be a gorgeous setting to look out to, it definitely ticks our winter magic box!

Speak to one of our experts to develop your winter lighting solutions today! Shop our collection now.