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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Table Lamp

With thousands upon thousands of options available for you at Online Lighting, we know choosing the right table lamp for your home can seem a bit overwhelming.

Not to worry! We’ve gathered our top tips to make sure your home shines even brighter with your new table lamp.

  1. Determine the purpose and location
    Before choosing a table lamp, first establish what you need it for. Will it be used to illuminate the bedroom or the living room? Will it be mainly ornamental or functional? Once you’ve figured out what you need your lamp for, choose a spot just for it. The most common mistakes home owners make is purchasing a lamp that is much too small or tall for the table. 

Common Table Lamps

Bedside table lamp

To find the right height for a bedside table lamp, just measure where the bottom of your lampshade meets your eye level when you’re seated. This way, the light does not directly shine into your eyes when you have it on.

Side table lamp

For living room side table lamps, you can really amp up the brightness (as compared to bedside table lamps). As previously stated, the bottom of the lamp shade should fall just at eye level when you are seated.

Reading lamp

Choosing the right reading light is a bit trickier because you’ll need to factor in the other light sources, how well your eyes take in light, and where you’ll be reading. There are a number of reading lamps with a dimmer switch so you can conveniently switch between brightness levels depending on the time of day.

Desk lamp
Proper lighting has been linked to increased productivity and better moods. This is especially important for desk or study areas. When installing your desk lamp, make sure to put it on the side opposite your dominant hand to minimise shadows.

  1. Consider the height and output

As a general rule, lamps should not be more than 1.5 times the height of the table on which it is on. The size of the room also plays a huge role. The bigger the room, the bigger the lamp needed, and vice versa.

  1. Coordinate style
    Lamps come in a variety of colours, styles and materials these days! Choose a lamp that will complement your room’s current style and décor. While it should complement your décor, it doesn’t need to be an exact match. Choose one in a similar shade or material to avoid looking to matchy-matchy.