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Top Lighting Trends for 2020

From classic finishes to up-and-coming shapes and styles, lighting trends are ever-evolving. This 2020 is all about going beyond the usual by adding unique lighting fixtures that can turn any dull place into an extraordinary feature room!

Here are the biggest and the brightest lighting picks for this brand new year. 

Geometric and essential shapes

Modern, distinctive and clean, geometric light fixtures are taking shape as one of the lighting styles that will surely shine the brightest this 2020! For a perfect decor, play around with your room’s interior by installing different sizes of geometric lights. 

Matte black

Another top favourite lighting trend this year is the use of matte black lighting pieces This neutral colour is timeless, edgy and can blend well with any colours and designs. 

Beaded Fixtures

Anything with simple and chic beads is highly recommended to try to illuminate your houses and rooms with eye-catching statements! Light-coloured beaded fixtures are on the rise too because with the right décor, they never go out of style. 


2020 is the right time for gold and bold lighting to come in. Versatile, gorgeous and functional metals are a hot upcoming trend for creating that classic-meets-contemporary haven! 

Organic materials

Natural lighting style is still massively approved by experts for this dazzling year!  Wooden and wicker lighting designs create cozy vibes, better mood and show-stopping details that work great with traditional to boho interior. 

Start your new year in the most beaming way possible! Redecorate your lighting by following the exclusive new lighting trends in 2020 with Online Lighting.