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The Lighting Recipe for your Kitchen Makeover

As the heart of every home, transforming kitchens into a perfectly lit family haven has always been one of the top to-do lists of homeowners.

Making it look brighter, bigger and better is a goal because everyone dreams of having a kitchen that is both highly functional for food preparation and atmospheric enough for the whole family to enjoy.

When doing a kitchen makeover, it is vital to consider having a lighting plan to know the best high quality lights that suits your style and create a positive mood.

Here's our must-follow lighting recipe that will help you turn your kitchen dreams into a perfect reality through proper layering and lighting control!

Ingredient #1: Ambient Lighting


Use ambient lighting fixtures or general background light to give your kitchen a natural-looking soft glow without causing a harsh brightness. You can choose between pendant, recessed, chandeliers, track or ceiling lights.

Ingredient #2: Task Lighting


Illuminate the shadows in your kitchen area such as your work surfaces and cabinetry with task lighting. This will help you read recipes, spot ingredients, prepare food and cook meals easily and safely.  Pendant lights, ceiling downlights and under-unit lights are the most ideal task lighting for your kitchen.

Ingredient #3: Accent Lighting


Highlight certain pieces to add style and drama to your kitchen by adding accent lights. Pendants and spotlights are great for your kitchen island or dining table. Meanwhile, save energy by utilising eco-friendly LED strips over wall units, beneath 'floating' kitchen islands, under breakfast bars or cabinets because these brightens features while leaving a warm backlight to create a nighttime atmosphere.

Ingredient #4: Dimmers


It is important to not just do the right layering of lights but also to control brightness by installing dimmers on your main fixtures to change the mood depending on your preference per activity.


Make sure to layer different kinds of lighting to give you the best kitchen ever: functions brillianty, stylish and suits your mood

  • Avoid putting lights too close to cabinetry that gives your kitchen an illusion of having low ceiling and these lights could discolour the veneer
  • Invest in a few downlights if you have a low ceiling to prevent overcrowded lights
  • Take advantage of spotlights on dimmer switches for easy light control
  • Consider your kitchen interior when choosing your kitchen lighting fixtures and switches

If you’re ready to start your kitchen lighting makeover but still unsure of the best lights suitable for you, talk to one of our friendly Online Lighting Specialists! With their years of professional experience, we guarantee giving you help that you need by clicking here.

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