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Ripple Glass Tiffany Pendant - T-214-22PD

RRP: AU$675.95  
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This product is temporarily out of stock and will be available after 30 Oct 2021
The Ripple Glass Tiffany Pendant is a style of visual arts, architecture and design.

Louis Comfort Tiffany was an innovative glass designer and jeweller who, inspired by the Art Deco period, invented the stained glass technique.

Stained glass includes design components that have been painted onto the glass and fired in a kiln before assembly.

The Tiffany style of lighting and decor arose during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The results were richly decorative designs that are pure glamour and abundance of charm and character.

The Ripple Glass Pendant is a gorgeous Tiffany style lamp that combines many pieces of art glass to create a stunning and complex design.

This beautiful pendant features a handcrafted, genuine stained art glass shade, made of leadlight in a three level half circular bowl basket shade, combined with geometric patterns and clean series of jewels.
The glass pieces have a type of mother-of-pearl attributes which radiate beautiful colour hues and tones

The lovely Ripple Glass Tiffany Pendant on its stunning rich glass shade will brighten up and inspire your space with natural elements.

The colours and individual art glass of the Tiffany Lamp will not just illuminate but decorate any space in your home. This Tiffany style lamp will suit any space including a home office, a family room, or any living and entertaining area.
- Input Voltage: 240V
- Number of bulbs: 3
- Energy efficient: Energy saving LED ready

- Shade Height: 245mm
- Shade Width: 560mm

- Image is shown with light on
- This style of light will only look their best with the light on, with the light off they can appear much less vibrant (dull)
- The picture should be used as a reference to its design & basic colour schemes, since each tiffany light may not match image exactly.
- Type & colour of globe utilised in the fitting will affect its illumination display
- Each stained art glass is handmade & unique & no two items will be 100% identical
- The colours of the individual hand blown & hand cut stained art glass pieces will vary & may not be uniform
- Returns will not be considered for the above listed points plus any bubbles, lines or any surface imperfections as these are characteristics of hand blown glass.