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Pendant Lighting for Every Style

Pendant lights are a beautiful addition to any room. From kitchen to bathrooms, living rooms to bedrooms, they can add serious style points while basking your room in a warm and cosy glow.

With nearly limitless choices available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We’ve gathered the most popular pendants styles and types to make decision-making easier for you!


  1. Drum Pendant
    Drum pendant lights take their name from their shades. These drum-like shades are made stretching cloth or other materials over a circular frame. 

  1. Globe Pendant
    Unsurprisingly, globe pendant lights are characterised by their round shape. They gained popularity in the ‘50s and ‘60s, making it the perfect midcentury piece. A globe pendant looks great on its own or set in a group. 

  1. Inverted Pendant

Inverted pendant lights have broad bases and are open at the top. These pendant lights shed a lot of light, making it the perfect choice for large, open spaces. 

  1. Exposed Bulb Pendant

The exposed bulb pendant came to the spotlight along with the rise of the industrial trend. With no shade to diffuse the light, it makes for great ambient and task lighting. 

  1. Multiple Pendants
    Multi light pendants, also called cluster pendant lights, are several different lights in one. They can illuminate a big area whilst only taking up a small amount of space. 

  1. Mini Pendants

Mini pendant lights come in all different shapes, sizes and designs but are much slimmer, making them perfect for smaller rooms. They are commonly used for task lighting because of its tightly focused source of light, however, mini pendant lights are also commonly used in multiples. 

  1. Abstract Pendant

Lighting fixtures have certainly come a long way, with many pieces looking more and more like pieces of art. Abstract pendant lights serve more as statement pieces than task lighting. 

  1. Linear Pendant

Commonly found above kitchen islands, linear pendant lights are crafted into a row of lights all suspended from a singular source. 


  1. Traditional

Traditional décor has an ornate and classic look. It encompasses a number of sub-styles including farmhouse, rustic and antique. 

  1. Contemporary

Distinguished by its sleek lines and minimalistic look, contemporary or modern lighting is simple and understated. 

  1. Transitional

Transitional pieces give you the best of both worlds, traditional and contemporary, giving you a unique look. 

Whatever look you’re going for, Online Lighting will surely have the perfect pendant light for you! Shop through our collection now.