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Modux M2 2W Recessed Wall Washer Black / Warm White

Brand: LuxR
RRP: AU$315.95  
(You save: AU$32.00 from RRP)
The LuxR M2 Wall Washer is a small low-voltage dimmable outdoor light for washing walls with a uniform light.

Designed primarily to be recessed into floors, its state of the art optic creates a subtle wash of light with excellent beam uniformity.

Can also be mounted in walls to wash floor surfaces.

Just 58mm in diameter, the Modux 2 Wall Washer produces a light output of 130 lumens @ 2 watts.

Can be over-driven safely at 3 Watts maximum for more output.

The pin mounted Cree 2 watt max LED can be easily replaced if required or substituted for a colour LED.

The luminaire can be mounted very close to the wall and still achieve a good result.

- Input Current: 700mA
- Power: 2 Watt @ 700mA
- Efficacy: 85 Lm/W - Delivered from luminaire with unobstructed beam
- Colours: 3000K (Warm White)
- IP Rating: IP68
- Light Engine: Plug-in dimmable module equipped with Cree XT-E LED
- Driver: Remote constant current driver required or LuxR Integral 12V AC driver

- Diameter: 58mm
- Cutout: 43.5mm

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