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Let there be smart!

Want a smart home? Start with your lights.

Could there be a better time to be making home improvements now that all of us are spending so much time indoors? If you’ve already redecorated and still feel like something’s missing, the chances are the answer is lighting.  Swapping out your lightbulbs requires such little effort, but can make a huge difference to your liveability.

You might be thinking, what are smart lights? Smart lighting is bulbs or light fixtures that are controlled by voice command, or by using an app on your device- whether that’s your phone, iPad, tablet, or computer. Not only can you turn a light on or off without getting up and flipping a switch, but you can also control the ambiance, level of illumination, colour, and tone. On top of that, you can use your phone to turn your lights on and off remotely or use a smart home device to create an automated schedule for your light. Gone are the days when you’ve left the house and worried about whether you turned all the lights off, or played rock paper scissors to see who has to get out of bed to turn the lights off at night!  Impressive, right?

Our lighting specialists have put together a list of their recommendations that are easy to use, and easy to install. After all, the whole point of smart lighting is convenience, which is why our team is available to answer any questions you may have about it. We recommend starting with the basics:


Dimmable Globes


Desk Lamp (With a speaker!)

Smart LED strip light

And if you’re committed to going all out, try our outdoor spike lights

Plus you can purchase our smart dimmer
which allows remote operation from anywhere!

Why buy normal light bulbs if you can buy energy-saving, customizable light bulbs? On top of the wow factor and remote control, the LED technology used lasts up to 20 times more than an old incandescent bulb.

If customizable lights sound like your cup of tea, why stop at lights? These days, many people are transforming their entire house into a smart home!

That includes:

SmartVideo  Doorbells

Smart Ceiling Fans

Smart DIY Reed Switch

Smart Security Cameras

Smart Wifi Plugs

Smart Outdoor sensors

We pride ourselves on being visually interesting and functional at the same time. If you need a hand discussing a bespoke lighting plan, speak to one of our professionals today! With their years of experience, we guarantee that we can provide the solution to your problem.

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