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Get the Luxury Home Look for Less with the Right Lighting

Get the Luxury Home Look for Less with the Right Lighting

After a long day at work, everyone dreams of coming home to a luxurious space where they feel like VIPs.

While creating a truly high-end look can be a massive financial commitment, making small tweaks on your home to achieve the same vibe is easy. All you need to do is focus on key accessories that can change the mood of an entire room even with small changes. In this case, we’ll focus on lighting.

With the right lighting, a room can come to life. It can instantly look and feel bigger, brighter and grander. Our goal with this blog is to show you a significantly less expensive way to get that high end look just by changing up your lighting. We will also list some of the best fixtures you can get for specific rooms.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a recent favorite fixture in homes. They’re very varied in terms of style, so they can make your home every type of expensive. If your home is a traditional Aussie design, then pick pendant lights with a classic shape – nothing to eclectic or ornate. If you live in a flat with a very industrial feel, choose pendant lights with brass or copper shades. You can even experiment with the shape.


Lamps on side tables and desks could save a room that has barely any natural lighting, without overly brightening it. Overhead lights, like chandeliers and pendant lights, can be overbearing in some rooms, especially in a study. Choose instead lamps that you can turn on as needed. They don’t have to match throughout the house, but they do have to complement each other for that lived in but high-end look.


A chandelier has the power to instantly class up a room. We know, we know – that’s because most of them are expensive art pieces. Contrary to popular belief, chandeliers come in a variety of styles, sizes and price points. Yes, there are ornate, delicate pieces that can make any room look opulent, but there are also modest, beautiful chandeliers that add interest to a space.

Quick tip: we know chandeliers are a dining room staple but try putting them in unlikely places like your bedroom or one of the living spaces.

Wall Lights

Nothing says attention to detail like wall lights, and we all know that luxury is all about details, details, details. Wall lights are perfect if you want to subtly feature something in a room, like a great art piece, or make a corner – like a reading nook, look bigger and separate from the rest of the room. With this small addition, you’ve given a room that boutique hotel vibe.

Hopefully, the lighting tips we’ve listed can help make your home a luxurious retreat without breaking the bank.

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