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Choosing The Right Chandelier

Here’s the thing about chandeliers…Almost all chandeliers are aesthetically beautiful. However, knowing the ideal chandelier requires more effort and smart selection based on a variety of different factors to consider.

Do you want to turn your plain room into a stylish and functional haven? Or avoid the costly mistake of cheap-looking fixtures? Follow these simplified tips on choosing the right chandelier.

  1. Choose the right style and materials

Consider the interior design of your room. Is it modern, industrial or vintage-inspired? Take note of the colors, style and minor details.Then, proceed to planning which chandeliers suit your place.

For modern variety - add contemporary statement chandeliers that matches the overall room design. Focus on satin nickel or chrome finishes.

For industrial look - traditional chandeliers with a perfect blend of contemporary elegant design elements will compliment your interior. Bronze, wood and metal finishes are more commonly found in industrial fixtures.

For traditional or vintage style - utilise crystal chandeliers with classic antique touch.

  1. Choose the right size

Now that you know about the style and materials of chandeliers, the second step is to find out the appropriate sizes.

Chandeliers make a big impression so you want to make sure you are buying one that perfectly fits the space. Surely, you don’t want your very small chandelier to get lost in your big room or having your large chandelier overpowering too much space.

You may use the following guidelines:

(Can we create graphics like these for easy learning): - yes Kat can make them as long as we give an example like below is perfect

  • Add the length of the room (in ft) and the width of the room (in ft) and convert the total to inches to find the perfect chandelier size
  • Chandelier width should be ¾ of your table width or less.
  • It should hang approximately 76.2 cm to 91.44 from the top of your table to the bottom of the light.

Additional Tips:

  • As long as your chosen chandeliers match your interior design and fits the space, there are no set of rules about the number of arms or bulbs
  • If you have other types of lighting fixtures in a room, make sure to have enough spacing between them so that it doesn’t look crowded.


  1. Choose the right location

Chandeliers can be placed anywhere in your house or office but most commonly installed in entryways, , living rooms, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. Find out which areas you want to add a stylish yet useful lighting staple and begin decorating your with chandeliers. 

(Added modern, industrial and traditional/vintage chandeliers that’s why it’s 3 or 4 photos per area. Not sure how many photos are required, so feel free to add your input about these chosen photos)


Living room:




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