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6 Expert-Approved Tips To Modernise Your Lighting

Have you ever found yourself feeling uninterested in your home or office? Are you thinking of upgrading your lighting to match today’s lighting trends and make your space visually appealing and more welcoming?

Clean. Simple. Sleek. Fresh... These are just some of the qualities of contemporary lighting. And if you want to turn your dull room into a haven of modern class, you need to get your lighting right.

Below, we give you a no-brainer guide from lighting experts to help you achieve your state-of-the-art lighting goals — whether you’re into interior design or it’s your first time!

1.       Switch to a contemporary colour palette

Is your room looking aged or lifeless? Consider changing the colour of your décor. For a bright, fun and playful vibe, add vibrant lighting shades. And if you’re into a serious, crisp and minimal aesthetic, try neutral hues.

2.       Apply creativity

It’s time to use your imagination and show how creative you are! Got paintings? Why not incorporate LED strip lights to highlight its grandeur? You can also illuminate your staircase by installing wall recessed lights to brighten it up and also make it more safe. There’s a lot you can do to transform your space with some simple techniques and creative skills.

  1. Install smart lighting

Invest in smart lighting with a flexible modern design for your interior and exterior and you’ll see why most people completely love making it a standout feature! Thanks to the new technology, having complete control of your lights from your smart device and being able to automate it is not only modern but very convenient.

  1. Choose a cool colour temperature

Create a relaxing, invigorating and inviting environment by taking advantage of bluish-white (cool) lighting that matches well with a modern interior. Use cool task lighting in areas spaces where you want to feel productive such as the office, kitchen or laundry. 

  1. Layer your lighting

Create a contemporary home by adding a perfect mix of ambient, task and accent lighting such as but not limited to chandeliers, pendants, wall lights, lamps, track lights or spotlights! Play around with these lighting fixtures to make contrasting highlights and shadows but make sure not to overdecorate it. 

  1. Install the current lighting trends

Geometric and essential shapes, matte black, beaded fixtures, metallic and organic materials are some of the top lighting trends this year that will hype up the modern feel of your current space and provide fresh design appeal.

Interested in knowing more about this year’s lighting trends for ideas that you can recreate? Check out our previous blog for more inspiration.

Truth is, updating to the right contemporary lighting goes beyond just choosing modern lights that suit your taste. To avoid costly mistakes and stress, our lighting pros can help you guarantee the success of your ultimate modern switch. Contact us now and shop the best lighting powered by cutting edge technology!