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Eco Sensation

Supplier: Sampford IXL

• 4 x 275W instant heat infra-red heat lamps

• Powerful 200mm exhaust fan
• 15W compact fluorescent light globe
• Exhaust capacity of 348m3/h
• Twin back draught flaps engineered to seal when not in use
• Maximum Ceiling Height: 2.7 Mtrs
• Cut Out Size (mm): Template
• Maximum height of unit: 290mm
• Clearance required above unit: 90mm
• Total ceiling cavity required: 310mm
• Dishwasher safe moulding: Yes
• Current Rating (Amps): 4.8
• Watts (Fan in Brackets): 1155 (40)
• Wall switch included
• 5 year in home warranty
• 2 year warranty on heat lamps
• Australian made

White (12343)

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