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Hamlet Wall Bracket (WBZ1080)

Supplier: Robert Kitto
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Hamlet Wall Bracket (WBZ1080)

Traditional style incandescent
Adjustable head
Full metal construction

P:210 Head:305

Polished Brass
Old Brass
Antique Bronze
Antique Nickel

2x40W Candle BC
without lamp

About Robert Kitto

You will find most of your old favorites along with some new models all precisely engineered to exacting standards from quality metals to give them strength as well as being functional and elegant.

Our fittings are individually hand finished by our skilled production team.

In addition to the items that we make we have selected a number of exclusive products from some overseas manufacturers who uphold similar high standards in design, construction and finish to complement our range.

Look through these pages and I'm sure you will find fittings you will be proud to grace your home, office or showroom. 

When used well, wall brackets can add a large amount of class and charm to your lighting fixtures. Whether it is for the exterior of your house, or within the rooms, choosing the right wall brackets and creatively using them is a great way to make your home lighting look and feel good. At Robert Kitto, we have an extensive collection of wall brackets, covering a range of different designs and styles, and we offer a great depth of options to our customers. All our products are well-constructed and made for durable use. Choose from out catalog, and you will surely get the perfect fit for your exact requirements.

A great place to start would be our simple black wall brackets made for exterior use. These brass wall brackets come with a smart matte black finish, and can last for years. Perfectly suited to provide adequate illumination for exteriors without seeming to stand out, these brackets have been popular for many years. Truly versatile is our WB series of wall brackets. Ranging from minimalistic barebones designs like the Magill, to the elaborate and decorative Stratford model, this range truly brings out our best. The simple WB35 model comes with a handmade iron rust finish that gives it a rustic feel. For classic designs, take a look at our Hawthorne, Liverpool and Dover models. Made with high-quality and long lasting materials, these designs are timeless and fit perfectly with any setting. For more control, check out our Mayo and Blackburn models, which come with a double action arm, which can be adjusted in a variety of different ways. Use our Hamlet and Vincent models to highlight a section of your wall and bring out the best from your wall decoration. Whatever your requirements might be, you can be sure to find exactly what you need when you are shopping for lights with Robert Kitto.

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