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Vintage 4W E27 LED A165 Dimmable Edison Spiral Filament Bulb

The Vintage Edison A165 4W Dimmable Spiral Filament Dimmable LED is the standard edition of our massive, pear-shaped LED bulb that looks like the ones used for street and stage lighting at the turn of the 20th century.

Use this to add drama and distinct intimacy to that vintage themed place you are designing – without the disadvantages the original incandescent lamps had: Huge energy consumption (high energy bill), excessive heat (fire hazard and wasted energy), UV radiation (health hazard), Short life span (3,000 hours).

Instead, you’ll get these benefits: High energy efficiency (80% more efficient than incandescent; half the power used by compact fluorescent lamps), less energy bill versus using the old incandescent technology, no UV radiation, long life (over 25,000 hours)

You still get the nostalgic warm yellow-orange light (2200K at around 180 lumens) and spiral filament that antique Edison light bulbs are known for. With its single, 300mm (11.8 inches) long LED filament that spirals in the middle, this bulb looks, even more, authentic-looking than earlier ‘vintage’ models that had straight, multi-section filaments. For an even warmer, more dramatic look, we also have the amber coated edition. This LED bulb’s Color Rendering Index is a top-notch 95 – the light of which can be made more intimate by its being dimmable using a wide array of dimmers.

This LED bulb comes with the E27 screw base (for easy installation of the more common E27 light fittings and lamp holders). Diameter = 165mm (6.5 inches); length = 300mm (11.8 inches).

- Base Type: Edison Screw (E27)
- Light Output: 180 Lumen
- Input Voltage: 240V
- Glass Type: Clear
- Dimmable: Yes
- Bulb Shape: A165
- Energy Used: 4 Watts
- Beam Angle: 360 Degree
- Colour Rendering Index: 95Ra
- Colour Temperature: 2200 Kelvin
- Average Rated Life: 25,000 hours
- Certifications: C-tick, CE, RCM, RoHS
- Warranty: 36 Months for Residential / 24 Months for Commercial

- Diameter: 165mm
- Height: 285mm