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Driveway Lite

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The Driveway Lite is mounted flush with the level of a driveway, pathway, hotel floors or building foyers – there is no lip to trip over. It can also be driven over or walked upon without damaging it. The lamp can be directed up at a bush, tree, or the outside of a building, etc. without the need to remove the fitting from the canister, due to the vandal-resistant 3-allen head screw fixing system which attaches the flange to the body of the luminaire.

The luminaire is supplied with a mounting canister that facilitates ease of installation.

The Driveway Lite has a solid bronze or 316 stainless steel flange with a powder coated black body.

The Driveway Lite has a ‘Flush Fit’ 10mm (3/8”) thick tempered glass lens and silicon gasket which stops water pooling and depositing dirt on the lens. The lamp can be aimed up to 20 degrees without removing the fitting from the canister.

Suitable for use with a MR16 20, 35 or 50 watt lamp (20w max. in the USA). (not included)

Lifetime Warranty on Lens Breakage.


Cable Joint Kit #CJK150, Frosted Lens #LENSLLF, IR Lamp #/IRC

HUNZA offers a comprehensive range of LED options and we regularly update the technology in line with the latest developments. Please refer to the Light Sources section of our website for the most up to date information on LED options for this luminaire.

Power Supply

HUNZA Buriable IG20 or IG50 safety isolating transformer (single installation) or multi installation with IG40, IG100, IG150 or IG200 safety isolating transformers or HUNZA Wall Mount series WM100 – WM300 Double Insulated Safety Isolating Transformers.


UL1838, IP66

Finishes & Types
Bronze With Clear Lens
Stainless Steel 316 With Clear Lens
Bronze With Frost Lens
Stainless Steel 316 With Frost Lens

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