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Ramsis LED Dimmable Downlight

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Brilliant offers a range of LED recessed lights as replacements for common CFL fittings found in offices, hotels and other commercial environments.
Available in three popular colour temperatures, these units high quality SMD Array technology, which allows greater energy efficiencies and weight savings.
Lights and drivers are provided as a complete system ready to plug in with a SAA approved dimmable LED driver and flex & plug. A feature of these units is a very wide beam angle of 100 degrees, which means uniform lighting is assured.
Commercial LED downlights are available in four different cut-out sizes to suit most retrofit sizes and applications.


Code Wattage Colour Temp. Lumens CRI IP Rating
Beam Angle Diameter Height Cut Out
18763/05 13W 3000K Warm White
780 LM >80 IP44 100° 139mm 50mm 120mm
13W 4200K Cool White
800 LM >80 IP44 100° 139mm 50mm 120mm
18765/05 15W 3000K Warm White 950 LM >80 IP44 100° 161mm 50mm 140mm
18766/05 15W 4200K Cool White 980 LM >80 IP44 100° 161mm 50mm 140mm
18767/05 18W 5000K Natural White 1250 LM >80 IP44 100° 180mm 65mm 160mm
18768/05 24W 5000K Natural White 1600 LM >80 IP44 100° 230mm 84mm 200mm

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About Brilliant Lighting

BRILLIANT LIGHTING is the exclusive distributor in Australia of the BRILLIANT, BLINK and ELAN brands as well as being a distributor of PHILIPS Globes.
Our mission is to bring light into people’s life. Regardless of personal taste or preference, situation or location, BRILLIANT is your solution in lighting! We are committed to INNOVATIVE DESIGN, QUALITY and a COMPLETE IN STORE CONCEPT.
BRILLIANT LIGHTING was established over 25 years ago and has long been acknowledged as an innovator in the field of domestic lighting in Australia. Brilliant has become one of the nations largest and most respected names in the lighting industry and maintains a range of over 1500 items in its warehouses in Melbourne, Queensland and West Australia and representatives in all parts of Australia.
The BRILLIANT brand offers the most complete range of lighting products, all of which have been based on exhaustive surveys of customer requirements and the latest trends. Therefore, the design teams work closely with the international and local marketing teams to ensure they are fully aware of individual market needs, resulting in market oriented products that truly fit customer’s needs.
Lighting nowadays needs to be more than just efficient. Whether you are looking for lighting especially designed for your bathroom, adapted illumination for the children’s room or unique garden lighting: We have put together complete concepts. Every concept offers a wide range of lighting products that will give each room that perfect finishing touch.
Our concepts are the ideal solution, both for the end consumer and the business customer. They are completely supported by eye-catching packaging, attractive leaflets, matching displays to distinguish themselves from other lighting products.
As always, our models are value priced for the consumer, whether traditional or contemporary. This underscores our commitment to offer our customers the most fashion-forward items at the best possible prices.

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Brilliant Lighting is the exclusive Australian representative of the Brilliant, Blink and Elan brands of fittings, shades and lamps. Established over 25 years ago, the brand's success has been built on its fast response to customer demands and capacity for innovation. This includes everything from more eco-friendly solutions, to outdoor lighting that allows homeowners to make the most of their gardens and entertaining areas.

Brilliant lights are designed to be part of an overall lighting concept; it's about more than just putting a pendant light or a downlight in the middle of a ceiling and expecting it to do the job. Designing your lighting correctly can change the feel of the room instantly, and having more than one light source can mean it's adaptable for a range of occasions and uses. Brilliant lamps are especially ideal for task lighting in every room, and can provide more focused light without harsh flooding. The range of Brilliant lamps at Online Lighting also includes the impressive drum shades and ezy-fit shades, which help create that perfect link between the light source and the rest of the decor, whilst softening and dispersing the light.

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