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Neo Remote Single

Supplier: Sampford IXL


White and silver finish
Exhaust Fan: Ventair
In-Line ducted
Light: 3 x 9 W Omni Lighting
compact fluorescent lamp
Heat: 1 x 800 W tungsten
halogen Halo Heat lamp
Remote Operation: Yes
External Grill: Supplied
Warranty on Unit: 5 year in home
Warranty on Ventair
In-Line fan: 2 year
Warranty on remote
control electronics: 2 year
Back Draught Flaps: Yes
Cut Out Size (mm): 326 x 462
Current Rating (Amps): 3.5

Watts (Fan in Brackets)**: 840 (40)

Min Clearance Above Unit (mm): 15
Supply (Volts): 240
Per Hour Cost (Cents): 12.6 (Based on 15¢ per kw/hr)
Fan Size (230 mm high) - (mm): 170 ducted blower
Capacity (Litres/Sec): 55 (when using 6 m of ducting)
Approx. Weight (kg)^: 5
Unit Dimensions (mm): 358 (W) x 476 (L) x 161 (D) for main unit. Allow 230mm high for fan

• Halo Heat Technology – 1 x 800 W tungsten halogen infrared heat lamp
• Omni Lighting – 3 x 9 W gimbal-mounted CFL downlights
• Ventair In-Line Extraction – ducted exhaust fan
• Remote operation of all Tastic

® Neo functions
• Suits ensuites and mid sized bathrooms with ceiling height to 2.7m

White (31211)

Silver (31212)

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