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MR16 6.5W LED Lamp

Supplier: Verbatim

Minimum quantity for "MR16 6.5W LED Lamp" is 2.


VXRGB Vivid Vision brings excellent colour appearances and a much wider and richer spectrum than conventional LED sources. Vivid Vision ensures that colours and fine details of objects are rendered accurately through a unique combination of red, green and blue phosphors applied to a violet, rather than blue, LED die. This type of LED lighting is particularly effective in spaces where small differences in colour hues, tints and textures can have a significant impact. i.e. fashion boutiques, art galleries etc.

- Exact colour, high quality LED lighting
- VXRGB ensures that colours appear as they should do and eliminates objects in finer detail
- Conventional design of low voltage MR16 halogen spotlight
- Replacement for low voltage 20W halogen lamps
- Up to 70% energy saving
- Lifetime of 25,000 hrs
- High Power Factor (>0.6)
- CRI >=85

Part Number
Watts Voltage Colour Temp
Candela Lumens Beam Angle Diameter Length
52224 GU5.3 6.5W 12V AC/DC 2900K (warm white) 300CD 180lm 36° 50mm 58mm

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About Verbatim

Verbatim is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co. Ltd (MKM). MKM’s parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) is one of the largest chemical companies in Japan and has more than 60 years experience in developing lighting materials technology.
Verbatim will use its expansive global network to introduce to the market a range of high quality LED and OLED products designed to provide a better lighting experience for consumers, coupled with low power consumption and long life span. These will include High Colour Rendering Index (CRI) LED lights using technology provided by Mitsubishi Chemical.