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Pendant Lights

Shop Australia's best range of Pendant Lighting fixtures online. Browse our extensive collection of traditionalcontemporary fixtures available in a diverse range of designs and finishes. Enjoy flat rate shipping Australia wide. Unsure? No problem, to speak with one of our lighting specialists simply call 1300 791 345 between 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday & 9am - 4pm on Saturdays.

AU$1,996.45 AU$1,970.52
AU$1,953.15 AU$1,884.79
AU$1,942.29 AU$1,874.31
AU$1,942.29 AU$1,874.31
AU$1,931.43 AU$1,863.83
AU$2,389.75 AU$1,911.80
AU$1,888.00 AU$1,821.92
AU$1,888.00 AU$1,821.92
AU$1,879.32 AU$1,813.54
AU$1,877.15 AU$1,811.45
AU$1,866.29 AU$1,800.97
AU$2,531.08 AU$1,863.98
AU$1,886.45 AU$1,861.95
AU$1,850.00 AU$1,785.25
AU$1,845.66 AU$1,781.06
AU$1,822.86 AU$1,759.06
AU$1,790.29 AU$1,727.63
AU$1,790.29 AU$1,727.63
AU$1,768.57 AU$1,706.67
AU$1,746.86 AU$1,685.72
AU$1,737.09 AU$1,676.29
AU$1,736.00 AU$1,675.24
AU$1,908.45 AU$1,734.95