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Inground Transformers

Brand: Hunza
RRP: AU$82.95  
(You save: AU$9.00 from RRP)
The Inground Transformer is a buriable unit designed to provide 12 volt power for low voltage luminaires in landscape lighting installations. This transformer is recommended for situations where a Wall Mount unit is either not practical or desirable.

Inground Transformers are available in either 120v 60Hz or 240v 50 Hz and in seven wattages: 20, 40, 50, 100, 150, and 200 watt (each transformer has an IG designation). Models IG100, IG150 and IG200 have individual 50 watt transformers inside the unit with a single output cable, (e.g. IG100 has two 50 watt transformers) instead of one large transformer.

These transformers are “double Insulated safety Isolating” transformers and are suitable for total burial (in locations where this is allowed). The HUNZA In-ground Transformer has a high IPX7 water protection rating. It is critical that all wire connections are made completely waterproof by the use of a HUNZA CJK150 cable joint kit.

For advice on wiring requirements please contact your local HUNZA distributor for a free HUNZA Volt Drop calculator.

240 volt 60Hz or 230–240 volt 50 Hz.

12 volts AC – 50 watt 4.2 amp / 40 watt 3.3 amp / 20 watt 2.0 amp.

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