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Ghost T228I (Troffer)


GHOST Recessed or surface mounted fluorescent fixtures using energy saving T5 lamps in combination with high frequency electronic ballasts for superior performance. Unique optical system with specular aluminium linear reflectors coupled with opalescent cross blade louvres to provide optimum illuminance and lamp shielding. Ideal for ambient lighting in retail applications and commercial environments. Optional dimming ballasts add suffix to order code:-
AD Analogue 1-10V control
DSI Digital control
DALI Addressable control

Recessed fixture for suspended T-bar or plaster ceilings. Cut Out 1175mm x 275mm.

1195mm x 295mm


240v 2 x 28W
(not included)


recessed version is supplied with recessing clips allowing installation on plasterboard, or can be installed on T-Bar grid ceilings.

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