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Galileo 251.34 LED 46W (60cm) 3000K

Supplier: Il Fanale
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A perfect half sphere in iron or brass. The interior is proposed in gold, silver and copper leaf.

251.34.F90 - Iron / White
251.34.F94 - Iron / Copper leaf
251.34.F95 - Iron / Silver leaf
251.34.F96 - Iron / Gold leaf
251.34.O90 - Brass / White
251.34.O94 - Brass / Copper leaf
251.34.O95 - Brass / Silver leaf
251.34.O96 - Brass / Gold leaf

Ø 60 x 30
H 150

1 POWER LED x 46w - Total Lumens: 3600lm.
LED Color: 3000K.
With electronic ballast


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About Il Fanale

Il Fanale Group borns out of the initiative of its two promoters Luisa Martin and Fausto Dalla Torre, with the aim to develop production- quality lamps applying the secrets learnt in 15 years experience beside masters in the working of classical materials.
The strong entrepreneurial spirit, the high degree of specialization, the quality of the materials, the creativity of the designers and the innovation of the techniques used in the production, represent, since the origin, the  Company distinguishing heritage, making it known, in the Italian market and abroad,  for the quality and uniqueness of its products.
The constant investment in new forms and materials experimentation has permitted Il Fanale Group, during its way, to steadily enlarge its collection, ensued from an ancient Made in Italy tradition.
The philosophy of Il Fanale Group, deeply rooted in reliability,  expresses itself in the traditional quality of its products and in a customer service able to give support since the planning stage. 

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The primary objective of Il Fanale Group is the service, always been a priority of the Company, like the productivity and the economic growth.The sought balance between design and technology has permitted the Company to establish itself in Italy and abroad as a landmark in the production of vintage antique lamps.

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