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CH1018/6 Chandelier 6 light

Supplier: Robert Kitto

CH1018/6 Chandelier 6 light

D: 650mm H: 850mm

Painted Bronze

240V Candle 6 x 40W

(not included)

About Robert Kitto

You will find most of your old favorites along with some new models all precisely engineered to exacting standards from quality metals to give them strength as well as being functional and elegant.

Our fittings are individually hand finished by our skilled production team.

In addition to the items that we make we have selected a number of exclusive products from some overseas manufacturers who uphold similar high standards in design, construction and finish to complement our range.

Look through these pages and I'm sure you will find fittings you will be proud to grace your home, office or showroom. 

Pendant lights can give you a soft and sophisticated illumination which is perfect for providing style and finesse to your rooms. A popular option for both small and large rooms, pendant lights come in many forms and sizes, and can really add a depth of character to your room décor if used with care. In most cases, these lights are suspended from the ceiling, but we at Robert Kitto have the biggest selection of hanging pendant lights that will give you the freedom to experiment and get creative. From smaller two or three-light hanging models, to elaborate and classy chandeliers, our catalog of pendant lights give you a comprehensive array of lighting options to choose from, and you can be sure to find just the right light for your exact requirements.

If you want something basic and minimal, check out our time-tested P10 and P-GLO series of pendant lights. These are basic two or three-light pendant models with old school designs and simple glass frames. The P10 Ascot, Albert and Flemington lights have regal, classy designs that would serve you well if you are looking for a retro ambience. On the other hand, the Gloucester lights, available with chrome and matte metal finish, are modern and contemporary. For larger areas and a more royal look, use one of our chandeliers. Able to house a large number of lights, these chandeliers are built to last, and feature both old, traditional and basket-style designs. The new pendant light offerings from Robert Kitto are the Verdana range of lights- featuring elegant and modern designs and available in toned down ancient nickel or bronze finishes. With circular or cross-shaped suspended harnesses, these can either be suspended on used on individual wall brackets to suit your needs. Browse through our catalog today and get new ideas on decorating your home with our unique products.

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