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Ceiling Rose Mounts

Supplier: Hunter Pacific

Especially during renovations and refits in federation housing the problem often arises where the owner would like to install ceiling fans but would also like to keep an existing ceiling rose. The central location of the ceiling rose within a room and the recommended location of the ceiling fan installation often coincide. Trying to install a ceiling fan onto the ceiling rose can often damage the sculpting and artwork. The T-Hook allows for only one hole to be made through the existing ceiling rose which reduces the impact on the appearance if at a later stage the ceiling fan is removed. For functionality the ceiling fan must be secured to a fixed mounting in the ceiling. The depth of the plaster in the ceiling rose does not allow for this fixation without the aid of the T-Hook. The plaster itself in the ceiling rose is not stable enough to hold the weight of the ceiling fan and so the ceiling fan cannot be attached directly into the plaster.

The T-Hook is installed through a single hole in the centre of the ceiling rose. The rod is secured to the joist or the fixed beam located in the roof above the ceiling rose. A plate on the bottom of the rod allows for the mounting bracket to be secured without damaging the existing ceiling rose. The fan can then be mounted onto this plate as per the standard installation instructions.

Ceiling Rose Mounts
T-Hook for Ceiling Fans (009)

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