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CCD Fluorescents


CCD Compact Fluorescent Candle Lamps
Long life, energy efficient, compact fluorescent lamps. Their many advantages makes them a perfect replacement for standard and less efficient incandescent candle lamps.

Image Shown In SBC.

* Up to 80% power saving
* 5000 hours average rated lamp life hours
* Integral ballast and starter
* Soft start
* Protected from electrical surge
* Available in 5W BC, SBC or SES base

* Direct retrofit for incandescent candle lamps
* For domestic and commercial lighting applications
* Suitable for indoor use only
* Not suitable for dimming or for use with photocell switches
* For optimum efficiency and lamp life it is recommended to use these lamps in applications where the lamp is not frequently switched

Burning Position
* Universal

Watts    Voltage     Base  Dimensions   Colour   Lumen   Average    Code
                                             (mm)         Temp    Output      Life
5W         240V        BC       110 x 35         3000K     175        5000      25609
5W         240V        BC       110 x 35         5000K     175        5000      25523
5W         240V        SBC     110 x 35         5000K     175        5000      25524
5W         240V        SES      110 x 35         5000K     175        5000      25612