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Bridge 1100mm x 400mm Outdoor Seat Lamp

Supplier: Torremato
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The girder, the metal or wooden double T beam used in building, becomes a source of inspiration for Bridge, one
of the new collections of external lamps of Torremato. The horizontal girder is held by other two girders
placed vertically as if to create a sort of bridge.

Dream and matter; an essential stylistic choice and strong  materials, with no fripperies, pure natural rusty iron,
for an innovative project with regards to shape and functionality.

A dialogue between heavy materials and austere shapes that meet light that springs from the lower part of the girder.
As in a functional and poetic game, the collection includes also a companion bench, an accessory that can be both a seat and
a spotlight as it comes either with an illuminating system or not.

There are five available sizes to meet differing needs regarding space: h 400mm x 400mm – h 400mm x 1100mm – h 1100mm x 400mm -
h 2000mm X 400mm. Plus the bench.

The light source is fluorescence or various types of LED. It’s ideal for private gardens as well as public spaces.

Grey - G11 18W

Grey - RGB 5.5W
Grey - G11 18w + RGB 5.5W

Height: 40cm
Width: 40cm

Iron , Wood / Plexiglass & Plexiglass

LED Colour

If not in stock, please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery.

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Torremato comes from an acronym of the name of the family owning the company Il Fanale Group in San Biagio di Callalta (Treviso, Italy), a unique and unrepeatable denomination for a brand that intends to draw a new creative path, making illuminating devices that employ a stimulating and contemporary language.

Torremato collections include pieces with great aesthetic and functional quality, for interior designing and for the garden, suitable both for home and contract environment.

The impression one gets from the whole project is an idea of great materiality, a kaleidoscope of formal and emotional illuminating solutions.

Creativity has strong and primordial materials as an emblem, primarily natural, that give captivating and immediately emphatic illuminating objects.

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