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Bollard 300mm Standard (12V) Pure LED

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The Bollard 300 Pure LED is ideal for garden edges. The acrylic lens reflects light at two angles through an anti-glare mesh directly onto the ground and horizontally to illuminate the surrounding landscape.

Constructed to tubular aluminum with a UV stable powder coated or machined from solid copper or 316 stainless steel.

The Hunza PURE LED system uses Cree MTG-2 chips formaxium performance and long life. Power supply options to include a choice of 12 volt integral or a remote (series connection) driver. The PURE LED system incorporates HUNZA’s Plug-and-Play system for easy replacement of either the LED engine or integral driver n the field.

* At 700mA this fitting is the equivalent of a 35w halogen fitting.
* At 1050mA this fitting is the equivalent of a 50w halogen fitting.

AS/NZS 61046
IP56/IP66 UL 1838

Cree MTG-2 Plug and Play, field replaceable LED board.
Lumen Output: 510 at 1050mA
Lumens Per watt: 85 at 6watt
CRI Warm White (3000k): 85+
Colour Temp: 3,000K and 4,000K

Power Supply
Series (External) Driver
Constant current driver
Output: 6vdc at 1050mA maximum
Integral 12 Volt Driver
Hunza™ Plug and Play Driver
Input: 12vac, 7 watt total
Output: 6vdc nominal, 350 / 700 / 1050mA

Hunza™ Wall Mount Transformer
for use with integral 12 volt driver

Black,Green,Bronze Coat,Primrose,White,White Birch,Olive Green,Dark Grey,Silver Star,Beige,Metallic Silver,Copper,316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

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Bollard 300 (Specification Sheet)

Instruction Sheet

LED Instructions Sheet

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